Top Cabinetry Mistakes

Ordering wholesale cabinets is a process that, unfortunately, can go wrong. Below are a few of the top Houston wholesale cabinetry mistakes we see all too often and suggestions for avoiding them:

Cabinetry Mistake #1: Incorrect Measurements
This can be as simple as transposing a couple of numbers or an innocent math mistake. However, the results can be horrific with cabinetry delivered that simply cannot physically fit in the space. When measuring your space, double and triple check your figures. In addition, be aware of any architectural elements that protrude into the space. For example, if you measure the space along the floor, but a wall divider or beam protrudes into the area along the ceiling, your measurements could be off substantially.

Cabinetry Mistake #2: Cutting Corners on Cabinetry Hardware
Cabinets are only as good as the hardware that holds them together. Whether you're concerned about cabinet drawers coming off their tracks, sagging cabinet doors, or even cabinets falling off the wall, most failures originate at the hardware level. Protect your investment by ordering the highest quality hardware possible.

Cabinetry Mistake #3: Underestimating Storage Needs
While there's something to be said about wide open spaces, underestimating your storage needs is a terrible mistake. All those wide open expanses will soon be cluttered with stuff that could've been stashed in a cabinet.

Cabinetry Mistake #4: Adding an Island When There's Insufficient Space for It
Kitchen islands are wonderful additions to some kitchens and space-hogs in others. If the kitchen lacks the space for an island, avoid the temptation of putting one in. Doing so can impede the flow of traffic, make your kitchen look and feel smaller. Ideally, an island should have at least 42 to 48 inches of open area all the way around.

Avoid these common cabinetry mistakes by speaking with Houston wholesale cabinetry specialists before you buy. Contact us today to learn more.

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