Kitchen Cabinetry Design Tips

Do you take your kitchen cabinets for granted? We believe that cabinetry should be both functional and visually elegant. When form and function collide, you'll never take your cabinets for granted again; you'll love them!

Kitchen Cabinetry Tip #1: Function First
While it's tempting to start looking at wood samples and finishing options right away, the first step in designing beautiful cabinetry involves what you want to accomplish with your cabinets. Obviously, you likely want storage space, but what type? Do you want hidden storage? Easy access? Storage for wine bottles? A large pantry? Corner storage? Space above the cabinets?

Look at home improvement magazines with an eye for functional features that appeal to you, even if you don't care for that particular example's color or style. For example, while you may not like the look of a country-style kitchen, you may love the dish racks incorporated into the cabinetry. Clip the picture and circle the dish racks. When the time comes to design your Houston wholesale cabinetry, ask the designer to include a dish rack. Had you ignored the picture because you didn't care for the kitchen's overall design, you might have overlooked a desirable feature.

Kitchen Cabinetry Tip #2: Space Considerations
After brainstorming and daydreaming, it's time to consider the space you actually have. Take detailed measurements of the room and create a diagram showing the room's various features including walls, doors, windows, sink, appliance locations, and outlets.

Consider whether or not you're willing to move appliances if needed. Doing so sometimes adds to the cost of the remodeling project, especially if plumbing or electrical work is required as a result of relocating them.

Kitchen Cabinetry Tip #3: Style Considerations
Now comes the fun part. Again, look at plenty of pictures, clip images of those you love, and take notes. Are you drawn to rich, luxurious woods and colors or do you prefer light and modern cabinets? Which cabinet door styles appeal to you? Do you want hardware or prefer a cleaner look?

Once you have a general idea of the space you have to work with and the type and style of cabinetry that you like, contact one of our Houston wholesale cabinetry specialists to discuss your ideas. Still not sure what you want? No problem, we can help you create a fantastic kitchen cabinetry design.


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