About Us

Based in Houston, Texas and serving the greater Houston area, we have become the go-to company for quality wholesale cabinetry. Our story begins with a passion for the craft of cabinetry. Over the years, we honed our skills and immersed ourselves in the new construction and remodeling industries. We fell in love with the textures and colors of solid wood and enjoyed helping our customers design elegant kitchen, bathroom, and office cabinetry.

Because we enjoy collaborating with contractors and homeowners alike, we created a Houston wholesale cabinetry business that welcomes both. Contractors appreciate our expertise, wholesale pricing, and prompt response. Meanwhile, individual homeowners in the area have access to these same benefits.

We are passionate about helping each customer find the perfect cabinetry solutions for their needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or stop by our Houston wholesale cabinetry showroom to explore the possibilities. We're happy to help.


2532 Polk St, Houston, Harris, Texas 77003