How can I save money on cabinetry?
In order to save money on cabinetry, you'll need to make some smart decisions. Start by researching your options and ask plenty of questions about Houston wholesale cabinetry. While quality materials, hardware, and workmanship typically cost more upfront, they usually pay for themselves in the long run. Your contractor may offer cost reductions if you do some of the prep work yourself such as removing the old cabinets.

What is the "golden triangle" in kitchen design?
The golden triangle, or work triangle, refers to three main points in a kitchen's workspace (the prep area, the sink, and the refrigerator) and the triangle these points form. Most of your work, including prepping, cooking, and cleaning, take place in this area. When all of the necessities are within easy reach within the triangle, the kitchen functions nicely. If a golden triangle doesn't exist or is interrupted, it's harder to function in the kitchen.

What is an appliance garage?
Appliance garages are becoming a popular add-on to kitchen cabinetry. They are countertop-wall cabinets featuring a roll-up door (like a garage door) where you can stash your small appliances when not in use.

What are some common wood types used in Houston wholesale cabinetry?
Houston homeowners have a variety of tastes and preferences. Some prefer cherry, which is a fine-grained hardwood that comes in numerous natural colors including reds, pinks, and even white. Hickory is also popular with its intense grain patterns and color variations. Maple is more subtle and popular with those who prefer a more neutral appearance. Oak continues to be popular.

What is an overlay door?
Overlay doors are designed to cover more of the cabinet frame than standard doors. Overlay doors are often found in upscale cabinetry but are primarily a matter of personal preference.

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