5 Cool Cabinet Features

When it comes to buying Houston wholesale cabinetry, the possibilities are virtually endless. Not only can cabinets be configured to fit your space and finished to suit your tastes, they can include a myriad of useful features. Which cabinet features are the best? Below are a few favorites:

Self-closing doors and drawers – While you can certainly close your own doors and drawers, self-closing cabinetry smoothly glides into the closed position without noisy banging or unsightly gaps.
Upgraded drawer slides – Drawer slides are not created equally. Upgrades include heavy duty slides (for heavier loads), hidden slides, self-closing slides, and full extension slides for better access to items in the rear.
Appliance "garages" – These storage nooks are ideal for storing small appliances such as slow cookers, blenders, and food processors. A roll-up door allows easy access to the appliances when you need them and keeps them out of sight when you don't.
Pull-out shelves – Tired of getting on your hands and knees in order to find a pot hidden in the deep recesses of the bottom cabinets? Pull-out shelves solve this problem. Simply pull out the shelf and grab your pot.
European-style hinges – Isn't a hinge just a hinge? Not necessarily. European-style hinges mount on the inside of the cabinetry. They're hidden from view when the cabinets are closed, and they are self-closing.

These are but a few of the many cool cabinet features available today. Stop by our showroom and see just how cool Houston wholesale cabinetry can be.


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